The Coolest Airbnbs In New York [ 4 Airbnbs]

New York has some of the best airbnbs that offer a unique experience out of New York City. In 2020, road trips have become more popular according to Nypost with 44% of Americans deciding on road trips. What better way than to pick the best airbnbs in your state, for me New York.
I found 4 of the most unique airbnb in New York and here is the list I compiled. These airbnbs are good for fall, summer, spring and winter. Make Sure To Use My Airbnb Link (CLICK HERE). To Get up to $65 Off Your First Airbnb.
1 hour and 45 minutes from New York City, in the town of Rhinebeck, you will find the Up On The Hill In Rhinebeck airbnb. It is ideal for a group getaway or roadtrip.

This Up On The Hill In Rhinebeck Airbnb in Hudson Valley, New York has has a outdoor pool that I spent a lot of time in on my Fall Season Roadtrip In New York in 2020.

It has an outdoor and indoor jacuzzi, basketball court, fire pit, outdoor grill, and washer/dryer and dishwasher, fireplace, living room, 3 bedrooms (one with a master bedroom), two bathrooms.

This Unique Airbnb In Hudson Valley, New York is surrounded by nature. The town of Rhinebeck has so many eateries, shops, wineries, and apple orchards where you can spend a great getaway from New York City Airbnbs or just a great road trip in New York.

The Up On The Hill In Rhinbeck New York Airbnb allows bigger parties. Parties with maximum 6 guests are permitted to make reservations.

Be sure to read all of the rules and guidelines for airbnbs before going because each property has different stipulations for their properties. Remember to leave a honest review for the property as well to discuss your experience.
15 Minutes from the Town of Woodstock one of the coolest airbnbs In New York, Willow Treehouse. It is an Airbnb for solo travelers or lovers, 2 people maximum allowed.

It is definitely a romantic getaway or roadtrip at Willow Treehouse. You will need to climb a ladder to get inside of the treehouse. Therefore, keep that in mind when packing. There is also a swimmable pond and a hot tub that is heated with firewood. Additionally, there is an indoor fireplace.

You will be surrounded by trees and nature. Also, you will be on a property that has a main house and the swimming pond is shared with the maim house. This will definitely be airbnb experience of a lifetime.

Willow Treehouse is a very unique airbnb and cleanliness is also not an issue because Airbnb has enhanced cleaning protocols which are also discussed by Business Insider.
Have you ever been in a yurt or wanted to look up in the ceiling looking at the moon? Well Moon Lodge Yurt is the best airbnb in New York for you.

What is a yurt? It is a clear ceiling where you can see view of the sky and at night it will feel like you are looking at a constellation of stars. Talk about a unique airbnb filled with romance and looking at the moonlight.

The Moon Lodge Yurt Airbnb is in Lagrangeville which is in Hudson Valley. It has a full size bed and a pull out bed. There is a shower outdoor where shampoo and soap are provided because they are biodegradable.

There is also an indoor fireplace. Outside there is a fire pit with two over-the-fire grills, and a outdoor gas fired stove. This is definitely one of the most unique airbnbs you will find in all of New York State.
Have you ever wanted to be in a tiny glass house airbnb? Well now is your chance.

In Hudson Valley, you will find The Glass House Tiny Home airbnb. It one of the most unique airbnb in New York for those that want to feel isolated with absolute privacy 1 hour and 30 minutes from New York City.

There are 360 degree views of the Hudson Valley and you will be on a 30 acre farm. There is a bbq grill and fire pit. You will have to dispose of the toilet cartridge when. you leave and conserve. your flushes. There are only two people allowed in the tiny house.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have an amazing time at any of these scenic places you choose. Also, if you are looking to travel this winter check out 3 dollar Phuket Hotels and 3 Cheapest Winter Vacations On A Budget
Here is a Bonus Video of Up On The Hill In Rhinebeck Airbnb

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