Travel Internationally and Spend $20 to $50 Dollars Daily [3 Places]

You can Travel In 2021 on a budget and only spend $30 to $50 dollars a day. It is possible to travel around the world without going broke in 2021. Below are three places you can visit internationally that will cost less than lunch for a week.

Before, I discuss those place here is a tip.

Tip#1: Make sure to look at the cheapest months for Greece from your country and city.


Santorini, Greece

Traveling to Greece can be affordable in 2021 if you plan in advance. There are accommodation that you can get for $20 to $30 dollars a day.
Anatoli Apartments- $19 dollars a night (click here)

You have Anatoli Apartments for $19 per night and Siren Paros for $25 per night as an example are affordable accommodations in Greece.

Disclaimer: Prices for Hotels/Hostels/Rooms might be different when you look for them. I am looking from my city and I use a variety of different dates to show cheapest price for my searches.Siren Paros- $25 dollars a night (click here)

You can eat food from street vendors for $5 to $7. This will allow you to keep food cost down. You can have 1 alcoholic drink daily from $5 to $10 or non-alcoholic drinks for $3 to $5 daily.

Some Free Activities In Greece:

  1. Free Athens Walking Tours
  2. Museum Of Popular Instruments
  3. National Gardens


Rice Fields, Bali

Bali is one of the most affordable places in the world with budget accommodations that are for luxury travelers as well as budget friendly travels. Bali has accommodations as low as $6 per night at Akatara Stay Jimbaran ,at $8 per night you have Alron Hotel, and we have for $15 a night Lotus Tirta Seminyak Hotel & Villa which includes breakfast.
Akatara Stay Jimbaran- $6 a night (CLICK HERE)

You can get meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for $3-$7 dollars with many healthy options. Additionally, you can get freshly made juices and alcoholic beverages for $1.50- $7.00 dollars.Alron Hotel- $8 per night (CLICK HERE)

Some Free Activities In Bali:

  1. Old Man’s Market
  2. Mount Batur’s Volcano (see it from Pingan village)
  3. Great beaches in Bali

Lotus Tirta Seminyak Hotel & Villa (CLICK HERE)


Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru is a beautiful and popular place to travel in South America and it can be affordable for travelers. You can find hostels for $14 per night such as Selina Huaraz
Selina Huaraz Hostel- $14 a night (CLICK HERE)

You can get meals in Peru for $1-$6 dollars per meal, some are street food and some are sit down restaurants.

Some Free Things To Do In Peru:

  1. Walk around Malecon Boardwalk
  2. Relax At Parque Del Amor
  3. Walk Around Plaza Mayor

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