Winter Travel In 2020 can be cheap on a budget if you know when to travel. The cheapest winter vacations in 2020 will have you almost traveling for free during the holidays with $38 round trip flights and $5o a night accommodations.

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a very unpredictable year with some very highs and lows. We all need a vacation and a way to unwind stress-free. Therefore, I have 3 places for budget friendly winter vacations in 2020.

*prices of flights and rooms are subject to change depending on when you search


1. Puerto Rico

I live in New York City and a there are roundtrip tickets for airline flights to puerto rico from Nyc is $38 for four day and 3 nights in November and $48 in December. This will be the cost of flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Flight Example from New York City to San Juan, Puerto Rico CLICK HERE

Bonus: AC Hotel by Marriott San Juan Condado

(updated for 2021, ONLY THIS HOTEL- it is not listed in the total price below of a 3 day trip like the other two options).

The AC Hotel By Marriot San Juan Condado (click here) can be found for $145 per night (prices mary vary). It is 700 feet from the Condado Beach. There is a swimming pool on the property, gym, and restaurant(s).

Example of Price per night (prices are subject to change depending on the days and times that you book for your specific days)

When It comes to accommodations for cheap winter vacations it truly depends on your taste as a person in Puerto Rico or around the world. Do you like hotels or airbnbs? Do you prefer luxury or just the basic necessities in a room?
$50 A night Airbnb: San Juan, Puerto Rico, CLICK HERE

You can get hotels & airbnbs for $50-$90 a dollars a night on a budget. Don’t forget to use my aibnb code for up to $65 ooff your first booking (click here) For a total of $298-$318 including airfare for 3 days this truly is a dream vacation.$90 A Night Condado Lagoon Villas at Caribe Hilton: San Juan, Puerto Rico CLICK HERE


2. Us Virgin Islands

The Caribbean is definitely a beautiful place to have a winter getaway. Beaches, tours, authentic Caribbean food, relaxation and more are in the beautiful Virgin Islands. It has budget friendly and cheap winter vacations in 2020.

A 3 night vacation to St. Thomas In The Virgin Island is $347 for standard accommodations or $527 for luxury. It includes A roundtrip ticket airline ticket from to New York City to St. Thomas for $62.
$89 A Night St. Thomas Condominum with a pool, CLICK HERE

The airbnbs will be either $60 dollar a night for a studio apartment. The other option is a $89 private condo with a pool.
$60 A Night Studio Airbnb, St. Thomas, Virgin Island,CLICK HERE


3. Las Vegas

You know I had to add a place in the united states that I’ve been to 8+ times. Vegas has something for everyone and you can a cheap flight for a winter vacation nonstop.
$45 A Night Ling Hotel In Las Vegas CLICK HERE

There are roundtrip flights as cheap as $55 dollars here. Add cheap winter accommodations reservations in Las Vegas at the Ling Hotel on the Vegas trip for $45 dollars a night and you truly have a trip for $190 for 3 days.
Example of Flight From Nyc to Las Vegas CLICK HERE

As a side not, if you are not feeling comfortable with flying and you live in New York City or close to NYC, take a road trip this winter. You can check out 4 of the Coolest Airbnbs in New York.
4 coolest airbnbs in new york CLICK HERE

Final Thoughts:

Any of the options above are great choices for 3 of the cheapest winter vacations in 2020 that are affordable and budget friendly. All 3 trips are less than the cost of lunch outside for an entire month. They are definitely worth the cost to be stress-free for a few days this winter.

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