5 bags all solo travelers need in 2022

5 Bags All Solo Travelers Need In 2023

There are 5 bags all solo travelers need in 2023. Let’s face it, traveling alone, although liberating, does come with challenges. Traveling bags are definitely one of them.

I travel a lot as a solo traveler and digital nomad. I’m always trying to figure out the best way to get the most items to my destination without additional fees at the airfare. No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for an overweight bag.

There are the bags I use to and this is why you should use them too. These are  5 bags all solo travelers need in 2023.

1. Bagsmart Bookbag (Click Here) my sister bought this bookbag for me on Christmas . It is a game changer because main zipper is on the inside. Yup, you unzip the zipper which is pressed against your back, so no one can unzip your bookbag if you’re walking. Also, it has individual compartments for all electronic equipment.  There is also a cover to make the bag waterproof. If you have professional camera, drones, laptops, then this bag is for you.

2. Wandr Bag (Click Here) these bags are my go to on all of my travels. They are basically weightless and have no structure. This allows you to pack the bags completely full. There is also a pockets at the front where you can put important documents. They also come in many sizes, and some can be carry-ons. They are easy to carry and fit under your chair when flying. Wandr Bag comes in about 32 different colors which is great for versatility. 

3. Maxwise Quilted Crossbody Bag (Click Here)– is so great for every day wear while traveling. This bag is small enough to be super lightweight but big enough to hold your essentials: phone, wallet, lipgloss/lipstick, sunglasses, etc. I call it my anti theft bag because its hard to rip off of a person while they are traveling and exploring.

4. Kenzie Spinner Luggage (Click Here)– This luggage is so pretty and stylish. It also has a lock for travel security which is great. It comes in various sizes from a carryon to checked luggage. I love the 360 wheels which makes it easy to move when in and out of the airport.  It’s also expandable.

5. Arteesol Dry Bag (Click Here)This bag is waterproof and it floats. I love it and I use it on all of my vacations. I love the fact that I can use it in hot climate if going to the beach but in cold climate like Iceland in a snowstorm. None of your items will get wet when using Arteesol Dry Bag. It comes in various sizes as well too.

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