[5 Remote Jobs] Making $100,000+ for Digital Nomads

How do you make money while traveling around the world as a digital nomad in 2020 and 2021? Remote jobs making $100,000 is the answer!

Let’s be honest. It can be a challenge finding a job, so I want to give you some options of online jobs to choose and where to look for these remote jobs. All of the remote Jobs listed will allow you to get paid while you travel.

**jobs that I list may or may not be available when you apply to them, so apply as soon as you see the jobs.**

A basic google search works by typing in the amount of money you want to make and seeing the results presented for remote jobs for solo travelers or travel enthusiasts. You will see that there remote jobs are sales representative jobs starting off at $ 96,000 and going as high as $156,000 in 2020 or a Benefits & Pensions Administrator starting at $90,000

Additionally, if you are someone that likes planning trips while you travel the world, then be a travel agent. Being a corporate travel coordinator you can make $100,000.

Before, I discuss the third job, you should definitely use a travel planner to plan your solo travels as a digital nomad in 2020 and 2021. I created a Wanderfull in Wanderlust travel planner book and digital travel planner. It is definitely the best travel planner for travelers.

Wanderfull In Wanderlust Travel Planner

Are you a health and wellness enthusiast that has a lot of expertise? Try being a Health & Wellness Coach and making up to $200,000.

Lastly if you are have experience as a publisher, then try a publishing job. You can make up to $250,000 with the remote job of a Local Magazine Publisher.

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