LUMINOCITY FESTIVAL Light The Night Guide [New York City 2020]

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    • Nov 25, 2020
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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

What is Lumino City Festival of Lights in the cold really like on Randall’s Island in NYC in 2020? Let me tell you!

luminocity festival wonderland of light nyc 2020

LuminoCity Festival Light Installation

Update 2020: Luminocity festival of lights opens November 27, 2020- January 2021 on Randall’s Island In New York City. It’s a wonderland of lights that come alive at night. Lumino City Festival of Lights will bring a holiday feel to New York City with Covid-19 protective measure; timed entry, social distancing guidelines, mandatory masks, temperature checks, and sanitizing stations.

luminocity festival of lights in nyc 2020 on randalls island

Lumino City Festival Of Lights Holiday Decorations

This is the second year Luminocity Festival is in New York City at Randall’s Island. This year there will be some new light attractions: The Mysterious Forest, The Dangerous Dunes, The Forgotten Ruins,The Hidden Land Of Hria, and The Mystical Moon Land.

lights on trees in nyc at randalls island at luminocity festival of lights

Winter Wonderland- Luminocity Festival

I suggest you get there early because last year it opened on November 23, 2019 from 4pm until 10pm. I got there at 350pm and waited for 30 minutes before then started letting us in. This year with timed entry make sure you get there 45 minutes to an hour early.

woman standing at luminocity festival wonderland of lights in nyc 2020

Randall’s Island- Festival Of Lights

Luminocity Festival has so much beautiful lights to see but make suree you dress warm. All of the light attractions are outdoors. Wear insulated clothing, warm coats, put on layers of clothing, hats, gloves, pocket warmers, and scarves. because you can definitely be there for 2 hours or more easily.

There are many food trucks where you can get food. You can eat before hand or purchase food at Lumino City Festival. Last year there are about 4 food trucks outside (Nathan’s, bbq, brownie, and mac n cheese truck), and there are about 5 more restaurants under the big tent (fried ice cream, expresso, bao buns, twisted potatoes, cake, and free food for vip area ticket holders. This year there will be no big heated, indooor tent and outdoor seating is always limited. There will be no dino ride this year either.

wonderland of lights tunnel at festival of lights for luminocity at randalls island 2020

Festival of Lights pathway

You can get discounted tickets, if you join Lumi’s Fan Club. Kids under 3 years of age will get in for free. Kids 3-12 will pay $17 dollars a Ticket. Seniors will pay $25 dollars, and General Admission for Everyone else is $29.00

christmas decoration at luminocity festival of lights nyc 2020

Winter Wonderland Lights- Luminocity Festival

Lumino City Festival at Randall’s Island have some of the prettiest lights i’ve ever seen for the Christmas season in New York City. Below you will find a video taken at luminocity festival last year so you can see what to expect.Also, if you want a vip package with added benefits of express check in an a collectible You can purchase tickets here

luminocity festival with a family photo in nyc 2020

Family Photo- Luminocity festival

How will you get there? Which transportation do you use? Read below

There are many ways to get there. I chose to drive. You can drive (there is parking for $20 dollars on the premise), uber/lyft stands. You can also bicycle there or walk there if you are in the area. Look here for detailed information about getting there.

Head on out to the Luminocity Festival of Lights to see Lumi’s adventure and the various attractions. You will be dazzled by lights, performances inside of the tent, themed nights (4 themed nights- cosplay, holiday cheer, etc) and regular nights, lots of photo opportunities, and a slide and swings for children. Let Luminocity Festival be the start to a great winter season in NYC. It was something I’ve never seen in NYC and I would definitely recommend it.

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