Italian Towns Will Pay You To Move

Italian Towns will Pay you To Move

Two Italian towns will pay you to move and have kids. There is a catch, you must be a remote worker.

Santa Fiora in Tuscany and Rieti in Lazio want remote workers to come to italy. If you stay for two to six months they will pay half of your rent or 200 euros of your rent. You will have to prove that you work remotely.

These Italian towns will pay you to move and also have children. You must stay longer term and you will get up to 1500 euro for each child you have when you become a resident. You can also get more payment for future endeavors as well.

You will get up to 30,000 euro when investing in the local tourist sector. This means opening up a hotel, hostel, bed & breakfast or more. The town council created a website so that prospective remote workers can find housing rentals . Additionally, you can find more details here

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