Maldives : Travel And Work

Did you know that you can travel and work in the Maldives? You can. There are opportunity available that will allow you enjoy new experiences in the Maldives while getting an income.

1. Chef

Above you will see a position for a Junior Sous Chef with the skills listed. You can contact Ali Rasheed with your resume or cv.

2. Multiple Positions

Above you will see various positions. Make sure to send your information to When a company ask for identify card/passport information, I would call Human Resources to speak to someone before sending that information. I do not own these positions I post, so if you don’t want to send important/sensitive information, don’t send it via email without confirming with the human resource department. I would definitely send my CV and resume in an email initially.

3. Travel Nurse

Above is position for foreigners on local contract. This means you can get a contract to be a travel nurse in the Maldives. Send your CV/Resume to to apply.

4. Tree Climber

Above is a position as a tree climber in the Maldives with the qualifications. Apply by sending CV/Resume to

5. Spa Therapist- (multiple other contracts)

Above is a seasonal position as a spa therapist. Apply sending CV/Resume to

6. Bartender

Above is a position seeking a female bartender that is a European national to work in the Maldives. Apply by sending CV/Resume to

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