Spanish villages pay digital nomads $3,500 to relocate

Spanish Villages Pay digital Nomads $3,500 to Relocate

Would you live in Spanish villages paying digital nomads $3,500 to relocate? Now is your chance. You can work in one of dozen of small villages in Spain while getting paid. Spanish villages pay digital nomads to relocate so this is your sign to pack your bags and go.

Due to population decline in approximately 30 villages in Spain are offering digital nomads up to $3,500 to move there. Spain is beautiful and you get to choose between many villages to utilize remote work.

The National Network of Welcoming Village for Remote Workers in Spain will provide WiFi, coworking spaces, and of course up to $3,500 for moving there. The villages participating in this program are small, consisting of 5,000 residents or less. They hope this initiative with increase their population.

Some towns like Ponga in Asturias, will pay families who increase the population with having children, $3,500 for each child born. Also, Galicia Rubia’s District Council will pay new residents up to $175 additionally to live there.

Wine lovers will love San Vicente de La Sonsierra. It is on a hip top with vineyards surrounding it. There are approximately 1,000 residents. You will pay approximately $240 weekly for accommodations and food.

Tejada in the Canary Islands is an hour from the beach. It has milder weather and it cost approximately $240 weekly.

Although Spanish villages pay digital nomads to relocate would you do it? Which town would you choose in Spain? Don’t forget to check out ways to “Volunteer and travel abroad for one week“.

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