Travel Like A Tourist [Sojo Spa Edition]

Travel Like A Tourist [Sojo Spa Edition]

Travel like a tourist- Sojo Spa edition for a day. What do I mean? You don’t have to travel nationally or internationally to travel. You can travel in your own area.

As a native New Yorker, I am aware that NYC and the Tri-State area has some beautiful places to explore. Sojo spa is one of them. You truly will feel like it is a day staycation which we all need.

What is Sojo Spa Club?

Sojo Spa Club is the equivalent of a castle, just imagine a spa instead. You can get a day pass for the weekend or weekday. This will allow you to utilize all of the amenities included in a day pass. . I suggest you go early and stay from when they open until when they close. Operating hours are from 9am to 930pm.

What is offered?

  • Spa treatments (additional cost- varies)
  • Usage of lounge chairs
  • Cafeteria (additional cost for purchases- varies)
  • Jacuzzi
  • Pools
  • Gym Room
  • Saunas
  • Lounge Areas (with massaging chairs/beds)
  • Dining area to eat outdoors
  • Cabana Beds (additional cost- $40 an hour)
  • Lockers for clothes and shoes
  • Showers in women and men areas

Why Do I love Sojo Spa Club?

It’s so relaxing. For a day you can let all of your stress dissipate. You can luxuriate and pamper yourself to all of the amenities included in the day pass. If you choose to purchase a spa treatment you can do that as well. You will not get bored. You can relax on the rooftop deck, by the pools, inside of the pools/jacuzzi, in a sauna, at the dining area, or have a meal. There is no rush as well. I would suggest taking a book if you go solo and just read while relaxing.

Parking at Sojo Spa Club

Yes, there is free parking attached to Sojo Spa building at the corner. You can also pay $10 for valet parking.

Covid Restrictions

Starting in October 2021, people will need to have mandatory vaccinations or PCR test to enter Sojo Spa facilities. They have a list of rules and FAQ to view in detail at Sojo Spa Club.

What to wear at Sojo Spa Club

Wear a swimsuit in which you feel comfortable. You will be given a robe and you walk around bare footed. You have the option of wearing flip flops in the outdoor areas.

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