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Staycation – 5 Reasons To Take A Staycation [NYC Edition]

In 2021, we should all take a staycation. We have went through a lot in 2020, some good and some bad, and we need a getaway. A staycation can happen in your own city. This is great if you are uncomfortable traveling anywhere else.

I decided to take a staycation in Nyc yesterday. I’ll tell you 5 reasons you should a staycation too. Firstly, where did I stay?

Made Boutique Hotel

Made Boutique Hotel in Nyc (CLICK HERE)

staycation in nyc
Example of price for 2/18/2021 to 2/19/2021 (prices may vary depending on when you book the hotel, for the duration of day, or the time you book

For $99 per night, I was able to stay at The MADE Hotel (click here). I decided to stay there for 2 days. Additionally, I enjoyed the beautiful amenities. Also received a free glass of wine at night and a coffee. Moreover, i got to be some where new. This goes into my reason #1 of why you should do a staycation.

1. New Location

You are able to stay at a New Location in your city. You can enjoy the amenities provided. I was able to enjoy the 18th floor of the rooftop at the MADE Hotel which looked like beautiful jungle indoor. Additionally, there was an outdoor area where I could see the beautiful skyline of NYC. It was great to be in another location than my home. Truly, I felt like it was a temporary vacation.

staycation in nyc

2. Work Space

As a Digital Nomad working remotely, I was able to use a work space in the lobby of the MADE HOTEL to work. The Made Hotel work space was great in NYC. It was an added benefit to my staycation. I felt relaxed and it increased my productivity. Many hotels have work spaces for remote workers. Usually, the work spaces comes with free wifi for customers.

made in nyc hotel review

3. Be A Tourist

You can explore your city with the eyes of a tourist during your staycation. I was able to walk around the New York City and explore new stores at my leisure. I was able to see so much that my city had to offer while purchasing items from local stores in the area.

made in nyc hotel

4. Try New Food

You can try new food in your city during a staycation. There are 5 boroughs in NYC. I don’t live in Manhattan so it was nice to get out of my borough. It was nice to be somewhere new getting take out food at restaurants.

made hotel in nyc hotel

5. Recenter Your Mind

Sometimes we need to recenter our minds. Firstly, I know that sometimes when I am in the same environment for too long that sometimes I can get anxious or annoyed. Secondly, this sometimes affects my mind and I feel unbalanced. Therefore, a staycation can possibly help you recenter your mind. As a result, it can give you clarity during your time away from home.

staycation in made hotel

In conclusion, I recommend that you take a Staycation the next time you want to travel but don’t want to leave your city to travel. Check out my Tulum Travel Guide if you want to travel internationally.

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