Volunteer And Travel To Mexico In 2021

Let’s travel in 2021 and volunteer with workaday while working remotely. This is a great opportunity for solo travelers or travelers that work remotely.

Workaway is a great platform that connects hosts and volunteers. Typically you get free room and board in exchange for volunteer services. It is rare you will get paid for any of the workaway opportunities. Typically your time is given in exchange for volunteering.

A great example of workaway opportunity(click here) is a beautiful position available in Mexico that requires 5 hours a day volunteering in a hostel for 5 days a week. Its requested that you stay minimum 1 month and you can always stay longer. Below are some of the tasks required.

Usually you can find a volunteer position internationally with workaway that only requires 5 hours of you time daily. This allows you to still work remotely with another job that will pay you an income.

Workaway opportunities do not include relocating costs. Additionally, you will have to pay a yearly membership one time fee if you are single or a couple to join workaway site to see the opportunities ($44 a year for singles and $56 total for a couple)

This makes it viable to travel on a budget and see the world.

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