6 Things To Know About Hydrobiking

6 Things To Know About Hydrobiking

What are 6 things to know about Hydrobiking at Lake Hapatcong Adventure in NJ? As a non-swimmer, I have all the tea. Since, i’m writing this, that means i’ve lived to tell the story.

1. You Don’t Need To Know How To Swim

When you enter the facility at Lake Hapatcong to go Hyrobiking, you’ll fill out a waiver. Then you will be assigned to an instructor, who can swim, and they will go out with you Hydrobiking. You’ll also be given a life jacket to put on as well. I cannot swim. I repeat, i’m a non-swimmer and i felt comfortable.

2. You’ll Need Closed Toe Shoes

You’ll be pedaling for 30 minutes or an hour depending on the package you choose, and you feet must be protected. I would suggest Revolution Nike Shoes. Do not come in slippers or sandals because you will not be able to participate in the activity. There are times the Hydrobike can just sway from side to side when you’re on the lake, so you’ll need a good grip on your feet. This brings me to number 3.


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3. Motion Sickness Pills or Patches

Motion Sickness Pills or Motion Sickness Patches are a must as one of the 6 things you need to know about Hydrobiking. You will be on an open lake which has jet skis, cruise boats, personal boats, and kayaks all around you. This will cause ripples or sometimes choppy water. Although you are pedaling forward, the Hydro bikes will sometimes sway from left to right. This will happen even if you don’t pedal. Therefore, if you’re prone to motion sickness, take these Patches or Pills.

4. Water Proof Phone Pouch

You can and will get wet while Hydrobiking. I tried to remain as dry as possible and I almost succeeded. When I was returning to dock, the water became more choppy in places which caused my lower legs and ankles to get wet. No this doesn’t affect your hands. However, since you’ll be moving a lot while Hydrobiking and using you entire body, get this Waterproof Phone Pouch to protect your phone. It will also keep your phone secure around your neck while you’re Hydrobiking on Lake Hapatcong.

6 things to know about hydrobiking

5. Swimsuit or Close Fitting Clothing

As a content creator, i’d love to be creative and wear clothing not practical for Hydrobiking, to create content. My advice, don’t do it! You’ll need to wear items such as this Swimsuit since you’re on the ocean or items such as this Three Piece Outfit to go Hydrobiking or even spandex. You’ll thank me later. Remember, you’ll be pedaling for up to an hour on a lake, so be practical for a water activity.

6. A Car

You’ll definitely need a car if you do not live near Lake Hapatcong in New Jersey. If you’re coming from NYC like me, it’s an hour drive. Go ahead and get a Zip Car which is a great alternative if you don’t have a car. If you go with more than one other person and get a Zip Car for 4 hours it’s cheaper than a Uber to go a 20 minute ride in NYC.

Two Bonus Tips:

You don’t need to know how to ride a bike to go Hydrobiking. However, you do need to know how to move your legs to pedal. There will be more resistance with the pedals because you’re on water and not on land. I loved the activity and would definitely recommend Hydrobiking in NJ. Everyone at the facility was very pleasant and informative.

Second Tip, I don’t recommend looking for restaurants nearby. My friend and I made a wrong turn about 10 minutes away while looking for a Mexican Restaurant that was recommended. We had a unpleasant interaction with a home owner when we made the wrong turn by his property and he was very disrespectful to my friend. If you’re going to eat, head back to NYC or the area you live.

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