Baylander steel beach floating boat nyc

Baylander Steel Beach [Floating Restaurant in Nyc]

Have you been to Floating Restaurant, Baylander in Nyc in West Harlem? If you haven’t you should because you feel like you have been transported to an island opposed to being in New York City.

Before you can enter the Baylander Steel Beach Floating Restaurant, you will have to do a temperature check and you must wear your mask until you are seated at a table. I truly appreciated this precaution for safety. There is supposed to be 6 feet between you and people that are not in your party. Now onto the ambiance.

You will notice that there is music being played so you feel like you are on a party boat. There is a wood but nautical theme to the restaturant on the water. You get a beach vibe once you walk onto the Baylander in West Harlem. The views of the water are beautiful as well. Now, I know you all want to know about the food and drinks.

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In addition to that the bar at Baylander in New York City offers froze, frozen drinks, drinks on the rocks, and non alcoholic beverages. The food includes: tacos, fries, wings, etc. You’ll notice i got fries and shrimp tacos.

Next time you’re in Nyc of by West Harlem, Head to Baylander Steel Beach Restaurant for you next meal of relaxation and

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