Gondola Ride in Central Park- NYC

Are there Gondola Rides in New York City? Have you ever wondered if you could get a piece of Venice, Italy in The Big Apple? Well you can….if you go to Central Park, and I’ll tell you how below.

Gondola Rides in New York City

A reservation is required in advance. You must send an email to Loeb Central Park Boathouse (boathousereception@pollgroup.net) requesting your specific date and time. The gondolas are open from 5pm-9m Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm-9pm, weather permitting from May until November. The fare for the gondola ride is $45 for 30 minutes and $90 dollars for 1 hour with 1 to 6 people in your group allowed on the gondola.

Gondola Rides in New York City

Make it a special moment, and bring food and beverages. I like non-alcoholic beverages, but I also love grandeur, so I chose to still have a wine glass (filled with apple juice for the same aesthetic) and grapes for a snack. Just make sure to bring a bag to dispose of your trash after enjoying the ride. I have another tip below and a video further down….

Gondola Rides in New York City

Don’t forget to go to 72nd street and 5th ave to enter Central Park. Walk down the path and make a left to see the boathouse. This is the tricky part. You must check in with the waiter/waitress, and then walk down to the left where people are eating (yes, you will be standing where people are sitting and eating, and it’s very awkward and no one helps to direct you where to go honestly). On the floor if you look down, will be a gondola sign, and just stand there and eventually Josue (our gondolier, instagram: cpgondolier) or his partner will arrive. Enjoy the video below and feel free to ask me any questions. Amore!

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