House Sitting in 2021- [free travel with an hourly income]

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Be A House sitter, get paid, and free accommodations in 2021 ? Yes, this exists. I know it sounds to good to be true but it’s not if you do it correctly. Let’s talk about how you can travel in 2021 by being a house sitter, what is included in house sitting, safety of house sitting, and how to schedule it.

The definition of house sitting: watching over someone’s house while they are temporarily away. The duties could include anything pertaining to the home: watching pets, gardening, or just making sure you are in the home daily to keep it safe. You will be staying at the home without having the pay for the accommodations of being there in this new travel destination.

I know you are probably wondering if you get paid, and the answer is yes. You decide what pay you want for the owners of the property. Take into consideration your experience with housesitting. The more experience you have, the more higher you will want your pay rate. I’ve seen daily pay rates from $25-$76 a day. The pay rate can also be negotiable between you are the property owner.

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Two great sites for house sitting jobs are Trustedhousesitters andHousesitter. You can create a profile and decide what location you would love to housesit. You can housesit in your state or another location. Think of where you would like to travel and that is where you should look to house sit in 2021 for your travels.

You will need a way to plan your housesitting position because sometimes you can stay for a day and sometimes for weeks and months. Use the Wanderfull In Wanderlust Travel Planner->Click Herewhich you can use on your phone to plan out your housesitting jobs by scheduling your days, months, weeks, itinerary, packing lists and so much more.

Now Let’s Talk About Safety.

This a great opportunity to travel but is it safe? I have created FREE HOUSESITTING SAFETY CHECKLIST-> CLICK HERE that includes everything you need to keep in mind to make Housesitting safe. Always trust your instincts and make sure to look at the rules of the contract in addition to the safety checklists above that I created.

In addition, i’ve also created a FREE TRAVEL PACKING CHECKLIST–> CLICK HERE to use when traveling on your Housesitting Job.

Have fun on your housesitting adventures and create many memories.

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