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Would You Travel To Iceland Solo As A Female? Is Iceland safe to travel alone? What are the best places to travel alone in Iceland? Is Iceland safe for solo female travelers? How much money for a trip to Iceland? Iceland travel guide for safe travels? Is the Blue Lagoon worth it? Which Airlines fly to Iceland? How is Dating in Iceland? I have you covered with all of this information and more in this post.

First, I traveled solo as a female in Iceland because of Adventure and the thrill of the unknown in a beautiful winter wonderland. I crave the road less taken, partaking in unfamiliar excursions, dating people of new cultures, and looking fashionable while simultaneously. I plan on sharing my outfits, tours, cost, dating, food and more importantly my opinion of the land of Fire and Ice….Iceland.


I took a direct flight from Nyc to Iceland using IcelandAir. The flight left at night and arrived in the morning at 6:00am. Please dress warm if arriving in the winter. I had my sister create a Custom Oversized Safari Hooded Coat made for the Iceland solo trip . You can find it HERE It kept me warm on my flight and during the windy weather I experienced some days in Iceland. Please dress warm everyone and wear insulated clothing. I include an Iceland Travel Guide Ebook further below in this post. Now on to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.


I went to the Blue Lagoon as soon as I arrived in Iceland. I waited until 730am and a shuttle picked me up at Iceland’s Keflavík Airport which was included in the cost of my blue lagoon package. It is recommended to head to the blue lagoon from the airport because it is close in proximity. All Icelandic tours in Iceland pick you up from your hotel if it is on a list or a central area. When you arrive at the blue lagoon it is mandatory that you take a shower before getting into the water. Icelandic culture is very strict on good hygiene before entering the pools.

You can purchase different packages. Each package includes at least 1 free face mask and 1 drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). There are bridges, two entrances to the blue lagoon, a blue lagoon shop, and a restaurant. I arrive at 830am and didn’t leave until 415pm. I truly had an amazing time there.


I love to stay in a nice hotel with great amenities, and I won’t lie, I love canopies beds, so I searched until I found a hotel where I felt safe welcomed and inclusive. I chose the Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel which was eco friendly from the furniture down to the toiletries. Breakfast is offered at a fee daily, but hot tea, coffee, and flavored water is offered daily for free as well as free wifi. The staff was ammazzzzing! They made me feel welcomed every moment of my stay and were always hospitable. If ever in Iceland again, i will stay there. I was only a 5 minute walk from food and I was in the downtown Reykjavík area. As a solo female, it was very safe to walk around the area during the day or night.



Before, I continue with the tours followed by clothing and dating, I have created a 9 page ICELAND TRAVEL ITINERARY EBOOK titled ICELAND GUIDE REVEALEDwith costs of every excursion I did in Iceland. Included are links to every outfit I wore for fashion and for warmth simultaneously. I spilled the tea on dating apps utilized for this solo travel. I also gave extensive information how I take pictures of myself while solo traveling in Iceland. Lastly, I mentioned the sites for hotel and flight deals, click the photo titled ICELAND GUIDE REVEALED” below and then come back to finish the rest of this blog.


iceland guide revealed


Tour Packages are in abundance and you can do Iceland Trip on a budget or make it as luxurious as you choose. I made sure that I could see everything on my list while solo traveling in Iceland. All tours that I chose are in my Iceland Guide Revealed Ebook  (Click Here). I walked in and on Glaciers, Black Sand Beaches, saw geysers and waterfalls, went snowmobiling, relaxed in hot springs, and so much more. Iceland was a dream come truly.

Did I mention the Iceland Northern Lights that was a dream made reality once I got to see it in Iceland for the first time in my life. Hallgrímskirkja church tower, swam in a Iceland Secret Lagoon, and so much more.


I booked my tours with various companies (basically whichever has the cheapest prices). They are. all in my Ebook (all links are in my ebook) Attached is a link to my youtube video so you can see my entire visit in Iceland. 


Now, let’s talk about Icelandic men in just one minute for anyone wanting to know if I fell in love with a Viking.

Icelandic men are tall!!!!!! The average height for an Icelandic man is 5’11.  Iceland is an egalitarian society based on my conversations with most men. Icelandic men are also brutally honest,  share their intentions early,  and divulge their whole life story on the first date. I won’t lie, sometimes I wish they refrained from telling me everything on the first date, although I love honesty. The things I was made privy to  had me feeling like I was in a thriller movie or a never ending rollercoaster.  It was too much for me most times. 

I went out with 4 men but truly enjoyed the date with one out of the four. Why? We connected on various topics.  He was also a gentleman, chivalrous, gregarious, confident, handsome, and established in his career. If I could do it all over again, I would have only went on dates with him in Iceland.

Downtown Rekjavik rainbow road and woman walking


Unfortunately, I was tired most nights after tours and did not get to see the nightlife. I really wanted to go to the Prikid which plays hip hop.

I did enjoy Mexican, Thai, and Asian Fusion meals almost nightly for dinner, which are my preference. More about Icelandic food, such as soups and horse meat are is in my Ebook. 

Woman walking on Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

Woman walking on Langjokull Glacier in Iceland


All the outfits that I wore above links are on the  ebook titled ICELAND GUIDE REVEALED.

Fun fact: Iceland never gets colder than 32 degrees Farenheit which is 0 degrees celsius. However, the wind on average could be 10-25 mph (miles per hour) and on a snowstorm 25-40mph.

Please wear thermal clothing under your main clothes. I wore thermals daily for my entire body. I even had on fleece lined spandex and a jumpsuit on some days. 

All boots I wore were either insulated or waterproof.  I chose a lot of puffer or waterproof and windproof coats to keep me warm. I was fashionable but warm. 

The last thing I want to say is that I truly loved my Icelandic trip. I would definitely recommend Iceland for female solo travelers. It has been voted the safest place in the world and I truly felt 100% safe my entire trip.

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