10 Ways To Get Paid As A Digital Nomad -[15+ Jobs]

Ever wanted to be a digital nomad, travel the world, be your own boss, but don’t know where to start to create this lifestyle? How do you find the jobs, how do you plan your trips around work, and how do you find places to live, how do you afford meals and not go broke?

Yes, there are places you can travel where you get free accommodations and meals, and yes there are places you can work remotely and get paid to work online and even make up to $109.000 as I’ll discuss. Remember, you can always plan to succeed with ambition and organization.

Let’s start with a plan. Get The Wanderfull In wanderlust Travel Planner and decide where you want to go and for how long. My travel planner (click here) gives you 100 pages of templates (i.e. schedules, itinerary, calendars, travel photography guide, 140+ planning checklist, pre-travel questions, activity lists, journal, etc.) to help you organize your travels in an efficient and stress-free way.

Now, let’s think of your proficiency. What are your natural talents (we all have them) and what is your current job/profession? They might not be the same depending on the person

Be a Freelancer. Yes, that means work for yourself. Advertise your services on #1 Fiverr and #2 Upwork. what are some ideas for freelance services you can offer? Can you edit photos? Put your rate and display examples of photography. Can you write? Write blogs and write product descriptions for people, etc. and put your rate.
Are you good at the 8 digital nomad jobs below:

  • coaching people online ($15-$1500+),
  • product packaging ($15-$1000 plus),
  • developing website ($80-$2,000+),
  • offering yoga classes on video ($30-$100+)
  • Social media expert ($20-$100+)
  • Blog writing ($15-175$)
  • Photography ($5 – $600+)
  • Write Production Descriptions ($5-$175+)
  • Online marking therapist ($20-$100+)
  • Teletherapy (varies)

Advertise it all for freelance work on fiverr and upwork. Basically, whatever skill you have advertise it and decide how much you want to charge. One more thing to mention, Upwork has jobs listed as well for hire so you can always check that out as an option if you don’t want to advertise your services.

Are you someone that likes the outdoors and your not afraid to get your hand dirty and do manual labor as a digital nomad? Well you can actually work on a farm in exchange for room and board. You can go onto site Wwoof which allow you to work on a farm and volunteer with a host family. There are more than 120 countries in the Wwoof program. You will contact your host to discuss the duration of your stay, duties, and accommodations. This is a great way to see a place without having to worry about living accommodations. You will not be getting paid to farm, but your housing situation will be free. You can then go exploring when you have free time. Also, you have new friends for a lifetime. In order to get paid as a digital nomad, you can travel blog your experience with wwoof and any travel volunteer experiences(you can get paid to be a travel blogger).

World Packers is similar to Wwoof in over 170 countries around the world in which you work for a host family as a digital nomad. You could work at a hostel, hotel, inn, wellness and health center, NGO, Nonprofit, community initiative, etc. You will be give free meals and free accommodations in exchange for working.
A lot of the host(s) will give you free tours of the surrounding areas, etc. You become family. World Packers also offer “Experience Insurance”. If you have problems with your host, World Packers will remove you from the situation and will find you a new host or put in you in a hotel until they can figure out suitable arrangements. Although a great opportunity, you still need a digital nomad job to make money with world packers. Therefore, you can use a freelance digital nomad options I listed above at the beginning of this post for work while volunteering for worldpackers to make income.

Let’s talk about working from your phone, ipad, or laptop in more details as a digital nomad.. If you choose a job with free accommodations and free meals, you still need income. Yes, you can do both or just one. Organization, Organization,Organization! Don’t fail to plan. If you don’t plan your remote jobs, travel jobs, or freelance travel jobs with all of your own personal trip activities you want to enjoy, you will go crazy with all of the obligations.

You need a plan. This is why I recently created a Travel Planner above is great for all of your travel plans, jobs, accommodations, schedules, photography planning, journaling and so much more as a digital nomad. You can find it –>click here. It will make your life as a digital nomad stress free.
Now, let’s continue with some paid jobs with clickable links in this post.

Decide how you will plan your trip activities around your remote job by putting them in a list while scheduling your hours of work. If you are great with social media or marketing, you can always find remote jobs. I’ve seen jobs paying $45,000-65,000 a year and up to 109,298 as you see above.

You can be a Social Media Expert and make 100,000 a year, or be an Online Marketing Specialist and make 109,298 a year which make 10 jobs you can do as a digital nomad. It truly is your choice. The key words when searching for remote jobs are to look up “remote jobs” to see what results will come up. There are a plethora of remote jobs you can do

Are you a Digital Nomad working as a traveling healthcare professional? If so, you can also find a job traveling abroad by doing assignments for 13 weeks at a time or when needed or you can work online providing teletherapy. This is the 10th way to make money as a digital nomad. This will allow you to see different places, and a lot of your employers will give you a stipend for room and board and spending money. You can find a lot of travel therapist jobs on Indeed in your specialty field.

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