Rail Explorers [A New York Hidden Gem]

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

A railroad, a bike, and scenery all in New York? Would you do it? Would you go? I would and I did.

Rail explorers pedal bike in New York

Rail Explorers in New York

Rail Explorers is a bike excursion on a railway in the Catskills areas of New York State. It is 2 hours from New York City by car, and worth the drive. For 2.5 hours you pedal through scenic areas through nature.

Children are allow at Rail Explorers as long as they are accompanied by someone that is 16 years old and over. There are 2 seater bikes or 4 seater bikes. Infants. must be in a chest harness and attached to an adult. There are seat belts on every bike.

View of Rail Explorers Bikes in New York

Taking A Break At Rail Explorers

This bike ride is not a race. You are able to pedal at your pace while keeping up with the group at your schedule time. Yes, there are specific times that you are allowed to choose from on the actual website when booking this excursions.

Rail Explorers customers pedaling on the bikes in new york

Rail Explorers Scenic View in New York

There is a rest stop during the Rail Explorers Excursion in New York where you are allowed to eat food or a snack that you bough on the bike. Yes, there is room on the bike where you can bring any bag (i.e. food, snacks, camera equipment, etc) with you for the excursions. If it should rain, an umbrella is provided on the bike. I took this time to look at the beautiful water at this beautiful hidden gem in New York, below the woods where we were waiting as they turned out bikes around to head back.

Rail Explorers in Phonecia, Ny, a customer is looking at the water during a break

Rail Explorer Mid Way Point

My final thoughts: Do it! If you can get up to Phonecia, Ny try this activity with Rail Explorers. Rail Explorers really is a New York Hidden Gem. It was so relaxing. Yes, you have to pedal, but you can go at your pace. The scenery is so beautiful. My one tip: big some bug spray and sunscreen. Also, I would suggest this activity for people that like or love nature. I love nature, so it was something that I would do more than once.

Rail Explorers in New York crossing the street pedaling the bikes

Rail Explorers Crossing The Street

Lastly, the cost. It cost $85 for a 2 seater on the weekdays and slightly higher on the weekends. A four seater is more expensive, $150 for the weekdays. Head to the Rail Explorers site for more details.

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