Remote Job For Iheart Media

Have you ever wanted a remote job for iheart media? Now is your chance.

You must have a love for music, social media, television. Think of media in all aspects. Do you know current trends? Can you edit music? Are ou a great writer, and understand internet culture? Then iheart media is looking for you.

Wandrd Travel + Camera Pack


  1. Identifying, writing, and editing content daily at a face pace.
  2. Generating and creating ideas for features, galleries and content that can be shared across music platforms.
  3. Coverage of music events, and franchises and producing this coverage.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree (a bachelor’s in any field is fine but journalism or english degrees are preferred).
  2. Experince in creating content.
  3. Copy editing skills and strong writing skills.

Find out more details and apply here.

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