Best Secret Swings In California

There are many Secret Swings In California. “Do you like Adventure, Mystery, Thrills, and Exploration? Have you tried a tire swing known to locals?” Secret Swings are as fleeting as a kiss in Southern California. San Diego to be exact. I was chasing these swings for a year. One is a hidden treasure to locals and the other you’ll be lucky to find if it was not cut down. You see, the location of these swings change from month to month, or day to day. You have to find them before they disappear like a dream you can’t remember

Secret Swings In California

Location of San Diego Secret Swings

The Secret Swing In California above is not listed in google maps. You will only hear about it from locals in San Diego. It is a whisper in the wind. I found it because a local took a guy that I went on a date with and he took me as a two part date. Look below at the youtube video.

It is located on the underpass of a bridge in La Jolla. There are no signs. Basically, if you know, you know. You make a right at the cave shop and keep walking until you get to a bridge and you go on the underside of the bridge on the left side (my hand is on my head at the bridge and that is the side where you go climb over the bridge and walk down to this secret tire swing).

Once climb through the bridge, remember to hold on to the rope because it is muddy and slippery and it is a long fall to the bottom where there are rocks and water. Don’t fall! You will get injured. It can be dangerous, so go at your own risk. I sometimes say “without an element of a risk, there is no reward”.

Tire Secret Swing In San Diego California under a bridge

Make sure to wear sneakers, and long pants because your hands will get muddy and go with someone else because it is in a secluded area. However, swings change locations, so just know that a swing might move or it might be a different material. People cut them down and they reappear all around San Diego. Here is another video showing the swings. Now let’s talk about another secret swing.

The Secet Swing in California below I found behind Birch Aquarium. I’ve seen many pictures of it, and every time the swing looks different. Half of the fun is finding the swing and seeing how it will look when you get there. Posting a pic of the swing on social media is a way of saying “I found it”.

Secret Swings In California on a cliff in san diego

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