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San Diego Rock Garden Is A Must Visit Place To Visit In San Diego. Have you ever wanted to leave a piece of yourself in another city forever? Well you can do that at San Diego Rock Garden. It is next to a beach where you can leave a piece of yourself forever.

Location Of San Diego Rock Garden

Next to Moonlight State Beach (2 blocks away), you will find a garden of rocks. People from all over the world have left rocks to symbolize themselves and leave a mark in San Diego forever. YOU become part of the rock garden in the form of a rock.

San Diego Rock Garden #1 place to visit in san diego
San Diego Rock Garden

Creation of The Rock Garden

There is a laminated article of the man that create the rock garden and his message and purpose. It is beautiful to read and witness in person. You have to pick up an unused and unmarked rock in the garden (there are some lying around, but they are becoming scarce because of how many people use the rocks memorialize their time in san diego). You might have to bring your own rock. Check out my youtube video right below to see a video of the rock garden and how to decorate your rock. Let’s continue

How To Decorate A Rock At San Diego Rock Garden

Step 1:

You will also need to bring your own materials to decorate the rocks. You need paintbrushes, paint, and any decorations such as glue or glitter to bling out your rock. Sometimes people leave materials they do not use (I left paintbrushes and paint) so that the next person won’t have to purchase items. You can find paint for 1 dollar the the dollar tree in a tube as well as paintbrushes. It cost me less than 10 dollars for the materials for 2 people (my sister and myself). You can also buy them from Amazon (click here)


Step 2:

After decorating your rock, place it down in an empty location, and now you have left a piece of yourself forever in San Diego. Tip: Put something meaningful on the rock that represents you. I found myself look at the rocks and they were cathartic to me. Attached below you will find a link IGTV video of myself decorating my rock the second time (the first time I didn’t have materials for decorating.

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