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15 Ways For Solo Travelers To Meet People [on a solo trip]

I know it can be hard to connect with other solo travelers and meet someone new, especially when this is on a vacation where you want to have fun. We don’t always have someone to travel with so don’t sit at home and let the perfect trip pass you by because you are afraid of being alone. I have 15 ways on how to meet people while you solo travel and many I have used.

1.Join A Travel Group on Facebook about solo travelers:

You can meet travelers by engaging in conversation with other solo travelers and ask questions in the group about anything questions pertaining to solo travel. You might even meet some potential friends in these groups who will show you around in your desired destination when you get there.

2.Take A Tour:

Schedule a tour on your trip that is a small group tour. I have noticed from my own experience that small group tours always have 1-2 solo travelers and we naturally gravitate towards each other and engage in dialogue and become friends. It’s happened to me many times.

3.Join A Meetup:

Go to meetup.com and make an account on this site you can go to meetup pertaining to activities you like and you can meet people that way. The site is free and a lot of the activities are free but some might have a small fee included to secure your spot depending on the activity the group is going on.

4.Join Bumble BFF mode:

Use this mode of the bumble dating app that is geared toward making friends. I have used it many times in my own ciity, in another city and abroad. It is a great to meet people wtih simiilar preferences in activities.

5.Stay at a Hostel:

Oftentimes, you will share a room with someone at a hostel that you dont know. Even if you have your own room, a lot of customers at hostels go to breakfast, lunch, and dinner together and go on activities together. You will never be alone on your solo trip when you are stayiing at a hoste. It is a community of people from different parts of the world getting together for a love of travel.

6.Take A Class:

Maybe you want to take a cooking class or a dance class when you travel to a new place and you can meet people this way. I met one of my great friends at a dance class when I relocated to San Diego from Nyc for 1 year.

7.Join A Dating App (for singles):

As a single woman, I have noticed that dating apps are great when traveling to new places. A lot of the men that I talk to on dating apps might offer to show me around and some of them will actually plan dates before I arrive. You can talk to several people because people do cancel and it’s good to have a backup plan.


There are many apps to meet travelers but Solo Traveller App allows you to connect with other travels that are nearby in real time. You can organize activities, or even travel places, build a community of other solo travels and share tips.


Is exclusively for women. You will state your travel destination and when you’re going and see potential travel companions. Select a travel companion by swiping left of right and plan a trip or plan a local activity together as women.

10.Free Tour:

Go on a free walking tour when you are solo traveling with Free Tour which has free tours worldwide in 120+ countries.

11.Backpackr Download Backpackr app if you are solo traveling to meet other solo travelers or other travelers while in the same location and do activities together. You can expand your network of people while talking to people on the app to organize meet ups. You can look at people with similar interest, match, and then message that person to meet up. You can also get points for different deals at places.


You can sleep on someone’s couch for a few days when in a new country when solo traveling with couchsurfing.

13.EatWith This app is exactly what the title states, you will be able to eat with local hosts in over 130 countries. This platform will give you an authentic culinary experience with a local and you can create a friendship this way.


This app helps you to find a local when you are solo traveling that will show you unique experiences from an insider’s perspective on you trip. This will be a more authentic way to see a new city. helps to find locals around the World and discover the true beauty of the city from an insider’s perspective. You also have the option of going on a personal tour with a guide to show you around.


Use whatsapp to leave voice notes, audio notes, and to actual call and video chat with someone that you have been talking to in another city, state or country. This can be used after talking to someone as a travel companion or prospective date in a new city to see if you are compatible before meeting in person.

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