5 things people dont tell you about solo travel

5 Things People Don’t Tell You About Solo Travel

There are 5 things people don’t tell you about solo travel that i want to share. See, I didn’t always travel solo but once I experienced it, I realized how much I love it. It is now my preferred method of travel. However, there are things I wish I knew once I began my solo journeys.

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1. The infamous question: Why Are You Alone?

See, you’ll be asked this question over and over again. When I first stated solo travel, I always told people I was alone. I did a lot of dating in other countries and i thought nothing of telling people I was alone. I’ve always believed that honesty was the best policy. Thankfully, nothing happened to me, and i’ve had good experiences traveling alone and on dates. However, I’m now more mindful to my response to that question.

My new answer these days are different. Don’t let a cab driver, a tour guide, nor your accommodations know you’re solo. Why? Just better safe than sorry. People will question as to why you are alone and will tell you that you shouldn’t be alone. It can become annoying and i’m not trying to scare you, but some people might not always have good intentions when you tell them you are alone. Your safety is most important.Remember, you want to enjoy your travels and make it back home. Therefore, always say you are NOT ALONE. Make up a reason as to why you’re getting into a cab at a airport alone or why you’re on a tour alone.

2. You Can Get Tired Of Frequent Solo Travel

This might surprise people, but doing anything for too long will cause you to need a break. Travel is no different. There is a lot of preparation that goes into travel. Think of packing, flights, planning…yeah, it’s a lot. Now if you are a remote worker and a solo traveler, as am I, it’s even more that you need to do. Therefore, sometimes it’s time to take breaks between travel to recharge from travel. Sometimes you might miss family and friends, and that’s ok. Sometimes you just want familiarity. Take your break from travel and it’s normal. Travel will always be there.

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3. Time Zone Changes Can Affect Your Mood

Imagine being in 3 different time zone within a month from traveling. This can make anyone feel unbalanced. How do you handle it? Everyone handles in differently. I take No Jet Lag Pills on a flight that is 10 hours or more, so that I don’t feel jet lagged when landing. It works for me. Also, there are many apps, such as, EVERY TIME ZONE, that have all time zones in them so that if you have a work deadline remotely, you’re organized. Lastly, relaxing your first day in a new location with a new time zone, allows you to be prepared for the following day of activities you have planned.

4. You Will Create Lifelong Bonds With People You Meet

You might thing that you’re just going on a solo trip, but keep an open mind into meeting people. If you do, you might make friends for a lifetime on the road. Yes, you might even end up going on a future vacation with a friend you met on solo travel. There is also the possibility of a relationship or a marriage to someone you meet on your solo travels. The person for you might be in another country across the world. Keep an open mind. Solo travel really can create great memories, friendships, and romantic relationships.

5. Solo Travel Is A Great Form Of Self Care

Everyone embarks on solo travel for different reasons. Maybe you got out of a long relationship and want to be alone. Maybe your friends cancelled on a trip that was planned, so you’re still going, but solo. Maybe it is your form of therapy in battling depression. Regardless to the reason, Solo Travel, is a great form of self care.

When you solo travel, you are allowed to be selfish and just think of your needs. You can focus on what your mind and body truly needs. You can try new activities that you could not try in the past because you were with others. You can do as much or as little as you want because it’s all about you. Solo Travel truly will allow you to care about yourself in way that you never have. It’s truly liberating.

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